Seminars & Activities

1.Career Development Seminar

“Vision of meeting any challenges”

An exploration of how to create a successful music career for Classical musicians in 21st Century. Participants will be educated, inspired and personally mentored as they hone their innovative and creative skills as well as identify their goals in music. Topics include: Preparation of an artist’s portfolio, Recognizing professional opportunities, How to program repertoire for concerts, competitions, and auditions, How to write engaging program notes, Forming a Chamber Music group, Finding freelance work, Developing professional networking strategies, marketing, promotional plans, and publicity skills, and Exploring opportunities outside of Concert Halls. This unique online seminar is offered every afternoons by different guest artists in the festival.

Meet Gloriosa Piano Trio, unique Chamber Music Ensemble, comprising a Steinway Recording Artist on piano, a winner of the International Tchaikovsky Violin Competition, and the Principal Cellist of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Meet Rachel Christensen, Director at Career Services & Entrepreneurship Office at The Juilliard School, USA

Meet Sean Hickey, Composer, Senior Vice President in Sales and Business at Naxos of America

Meet Barrett Hipes, Dean of Student Development at The Juilliard School, USA

Meet Theodore Wiprud, Composer, Former Vice President of New York Philharmonic in Education, USA

2.Conducting Seminar

Learning conducting helps a pianist become a well-rounded musician. Participants will learn to increase their rhythm skills, and gain a deeper understanding of dynamics and expression. Being a pianist can be a lonely pursuit; learning to play with an ensemble can provide a pianist with additional musical and social skills.

3. Performance-Helpful Physiology Seminar

As musicians, we experience the continuous increase in instrument-technical demands and often perfectionistic expectations from the audience. This may tighten up our minds and bodies. We all are familiar with performance anxiety, stress, and chronic pain in our daily music-making. In our precisely designed physiology sessions, pianists will learn to realize that we are able to control and influence our own anxiety, stress, tension, and ways to prevent performance injuries.

While striving to develop perfect technique, musicians can experience a tightening of both their minds and their bodies. This can lead to performance anxiety, stress and chronic pain — in music making and in daily life. Our Physiology Seminar sessions will help Festival participants learn to overcome these problems when they occur, and well as how to avoid them in the first place.

4.Unique Lunch – Social Hours – Listen & Learn

All participants will have a chance to speak with artist faculty members during lunch hour. This is a perfect opportunity for young artists to meet their mentors in a social setting. The participants will learn from how to prepare competitions and auditions to how to find performance opportunities.

5. Excursions in Historical Parts in Prince’s Island

Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery

Built in 1751 as a small church, it has an important place in the Orthodox faith. According to Orthodox beliefs, climbing to this church between April 23 and September 24 is a semi-pilgrimage.

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The mansions, which were built at the end of the 2nd century and at the beginning of the 20th century, prepared the synthesis of western architecture Turkish architecture. Art Nouveau style pavilions can be seen by following the Small Tour path.

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The Virgin Mary Church

The church, also known as the coachmen or Panagiya, is worth seeing with its bell tower and architecture. It is frequently visited by foreign visitors.

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Greek Orphanage

The orphanage, the largest wooden structure in Europe and the second largest in the world, has not been used since 1964 and still maintains its grandeur.

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Hamidiye Mosque

The mosque, built by ashlar stones in 1895 by the order of Abdülhamid II, has two floors. The mihrab and the imitation of tiles on the walls attract attention.

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Museum of the Princes’ Islands

Adalar Museum, which is the first contemporary city museum of Istanbul, has been created with the history of the formation of the islands from hundreds of objects, 20 thousand documents, 6 thousand photographs, hundreds of documentary shootings, films and oral history records. The museum has an archive of Ottoman documents focusing on the historical history of the islands.

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