Elena G. Çekiç

Elena Cekic Music Academy

Elena G. Çekiç was born in Biysk city, the Russian Federation. Her musical studies began at the age of five when she started attending the Music College for Talented Children in Biysk. During her college years, she won a number of first prizes on several occasions in the Young Pianist Competitions for solo and duet performances under supervision of the Moscow Conservatory teachers: Prof. A. Bahchiev, Prof. E. Sorokina, and Prof.M. Zheleznov; Paris Conservatoire: Sandra and Jeroen Van Veen; Dominigue Morel and Dauglas Nemish from Canada, Montreal; Anna Louise and Edward Türjon from the USA, Springfield. Finally in 1996 Elena G. Çekiç was awarded the First Prize as a solo pianist in the renowned “Altay’s young talents” Contest. As a result of her personal achievements, she was granted a scholarship from the President of the Khachaturyan Cultural Foundation enabling her to study at the Barnaul College of Music. Her pianistic talent was totally proved by the Honors Degree. The next step in Elena G. Çekiç’s pianistic career was closely related to the Novosibisk State Conservatory. During her Conservatory education, she attended many national and international events as a chamber musician, accompanist, and soloist in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia. She participated in the Chopin Master Class; music contests in Bulgaria ran by Prof. Anatasa Kurteva, Prof T.Poddubnaya (Netherlands-USA-Russia), Prof. P.Yegorov (St.Petersburg, Russia), the Conservatory Honorary Artist Prof. A. Bonduryansky from the Moscow Conservatory (Russia). At the end of her Conservatory education Elena G. Çekiç was awarded the Honors Degree. In 2007 she started working successfully in the Administration of the Chamber Ensemble NGK (Novosibirsk State Conservatory) and in 2008 was awarded the First Prize in the Novosibirsk Pedagogical Talent Contest. In 2009 she joined the delegation for the cultural exchange between Russia and China. She performed a series of concerts both as a soloist and an accompanist. Since 2012 Elena G. Çekiç has been living in Turkey and is working with the students of different ages and levels from several provinces and overseas, providing academic consultancy and training. In February 2016 Elena and her students performed at the UNESCO concert “Peace for Palmira” in Paris. Currently, many young but really gifted pianists have been attending classes at Elena Çekiç Music Academy founded in 2018.